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part of this morning reading them. yet the obama administration within months of taking office released several olc memos describing the legal justification for the treatment of terrorist detainees in u.s. custody. do you think it was appropriate that a different standard was applied to the release of the memos from the bush administration than those produced by the obama administration? >> i do not think there was a different standard. >> one was released within four months of the obama administration taking office. the other had been requested for a very long -- a much longer time. >> i am not a lawyer. i have come to learn of the term dui generis. the olc memos released after the president came into office were released because the program was terminated. olc wiolll counsel opinions, and those opinions were looked at in a different way because of the sui generis circumstances. >> both are essential for the ability of congress to carry its oversight responsibilities. finally, the intelligence reform act and terrorist prevention act of 2004, with which you are very familiar and which i
facebook and twitter. abc 2news. >> all right. thank you. >>> the obama administration is under fire for its drone attack is he. a unnamed strike killed a terrorist leader but that leader was an american citizen who was killed without trial or testimony. we have the latest. >> reporter: before the confirmation hearing started, demonstrators went to protest the cia's use of drone strikes. >> killing kids halfway across the world. >> reporter: he is the president's choice to be the head of the cia and he is a chief architect of the drone program. it wasn't just the protesters, lawmakers also demanded answers the obama administration about the more than 300drone strikes. i have been calling and others have been calling, the vice chairman and i on the use of targets for increased transparency for over a year. >> reporter: specifically the chair said she wants information on the number of civilian deaths that result from drone strikes but has been denied because it's a secret program. >> i think that thinking, is long gone. >> reporter: earlier this week a unclassified document said ame
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: lawmakers recently got a look at a secret document, explaining why the obama administration believes the strikes can also target americans who join with terrorists overseas. >> reporter: brennan was up for cia director in 2009 but withdrew his name from consideration after questions arose about his role in the war on terror. >> reporter: the 25-iary ci -- 25-year cia veteran was an executive in the spy agency, when the bush administration used harsh interrogation techniques like water boarding. brennan says he was not involved in the interrogation program. >> reporter: human rights groups fly code pink, are protesting brennan's nomination. they say drone strikes also kill innocent civilians. >> we think that the drone program is creating more enemies in america than it has been killing. >> the senate will vote on brennan's confirmation later this month. on capitol hill, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> there were fewer than 50 drone strikes during the bush administration. under president obama, there have reportedly been more than 3
's understanding and support for our efforts. in contrast, president obama believes that done carefully, deliberately and responsibly we can be more transparent and still insure our nation's security. finish so let me say it as simply as i can: yes, in full accordance with the law and in order to prevent terrorist attacks on the united states and to save american lives, the united states government conducts targeted strikes against specific al-qaeda terrorists, sometimes using remotely-piloted aircraft often refer today publicly as drones. and i'm here today because president obama has instructed us to be more open with the american people about these efforts. broadly speaking, the debate over strikes targeted at individual members of al-qaeda has centered on their legality, their ethics, the wisdom of using them and the standards by which they are approved. with the remainder of my time today, i would like to address each of these in turn. first, these targeted strikes are legal. attorney general holder, harold coe and jay johnson have all addressed this question at length. to briefly
investigation's unit. >>> first lady michelle obama will attend the funeral for a chicago girl killed just days after performing in the presidential inaugural festivities. the 15-year-old pendleton was shot trying to run from a gunman who opened fire at a park right next to her chicago prep school. the gunman has not been found. white house senior advisor valerie jared and everyoney dunk -- arne duncan will 10 the funeral on saturday. >>> president obama is praying for humility in washington. the president attended the national annual prayer breakfast in d.c. this morning and told leaders he hopes they maintain the morning's bipartisan spirits longer. the national prayer breakfast dates back to the days of president eisenhower. >>> well, i heard people talking about snow and maybe not so much in our area, but certainly to the north of us. >> and i guess in our area, what is -- what they were talking about earlier, some wind to go along with that. >> and i am positive there is unanswered questions and there is no doubt in my mind that the bulk of the storm, the blizzard is going to be hot it to
hearings on capitol hill today, this one centered on president obama's nominee to head the cia. he goes before a senate panel today to justify the use of drones to kill terror suspects. tracie potts has more. >> in written answers to the senate committee he will face today, john brennan says that crown strikes on terror suspects are rare but -- drone strikes on terror suspects are rare but legal. . the white house released to lawmakers a classified memo justifying their use. >> we have high confidence that they are being done in the right way. >> what constitutes a threat that would justify taking a life without any kind of proceeding or review by anyone else? >> drones are used to patrol the border and to monitor hostage situations like the kidnapping and alabama. >> it can be used to save lives. >> what should it be used to kill americans suspected of working with al qaeda overseas? >> if you have joined the enemy overseas, you have joined the enemy overseas. >> even democrats like ron wyden said that the memo does not adequately explain whether the government has the legal right to k
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obama to reduce gun -- gun violence and they're behind them. that includes the semiautomatic ban on rifles, modeled after military weapons. >> i still haven't gotten over connecticut and like the assault weapons to go to war. not in our own country. >> the president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country. and when your dad says something, you listen. >> vice president joe biden's also trying to rally democrats in congress to act on president barack obama's proposal. he spoke to them on wednesday and the president is expected to be at the retreat tomorrow. >>> mail delivery is coming to an end on saturdays. the post office says that they plan to cut back to five day a week deliveries for first class mail. the change would start at the beginning of august. we're still going to be able to get mail ordered pixes,est press -- prescriptions, express mail and packages on saturdays. this will save the post office billions of dollars. >>> coming up restaurant week in annapolis from february 25th to march 3rd you can treat yourself to some great food. at a r
. >> al, thank you. this morning lawmakers are getting nuances about why the obama administration believes it is okay to use drones to kill expected terrorists including americans. it's an issue that will be key at today's confirmation hearing for the president's pick for cia. michael isikoff is calling this story for us. michael, good morning. >> savannah, good morning. drone strikes, the obama administration's weapon of choice against terrorists are coming under scrutiny. after a disclosure justice department document obtained by nbc news this week that justifies the targeted killing of americans suspected of being top al qaeda leaders. for the first time today the white house is sharing the classified memo that lays out the legal basis for such strikes with members of the house and senate intelligence committees. the move comes at a crucial time as john brenan, president obama's nominee to be cia director, faces his confirmation hearing today on capitol hill. in the war over drone strikes, a major reversal from the white house. after years of ironclad secrecy, president obama directed t
president obama has nominate add woman to fill one of his second term cabinet openings. that story coming up. >> another one of the president's nominees is facing some tough questions or will face tough questions coming up today on capitol hill. >> ahead in sports, the wizards stay in the win column by ruining someone else's winning streak. we'll have highlights when we come back. >>> welcome back. 5:09. we have a chilly morning. lots of 20s out there. it's not going to be nearly as nice as yesterday. some of you may see a sprinkle before the day is over. here's a look at the day planner with temperatures getting into the upper 30s. that's it in some of our northern suburbs to 44 down south. perhaps a peek or two of sun. a cloudy afternoon. look for a high of 41 in d.c. rain moves in tonight. might have a wintry mix with it. i'll tell you all about that coming up in a few minutes. right now over to monika with timesaver traffic. >>> here's what it looks like on the beltway near landover. and new carrollton south of route 50. inner and outer loops are both open between 95 and the wilson bridg
.com. >> president obama is hoping to get more democrats to support his second term plans. a push that came through annapolis today. he addressed senate democrats at a closed-door retreat. he delivered a preview of next week's state of the union speech in hopes of getting more lawmakers to back his efforts to reform medicare and immigration as well as his budget plans and assault weapons ban. today we learned florida senator marco rubio will deliver the republican response to the president's address. he has been touted as the potential presidential candidate in 2016. lawmakersican mullica have revealed their plans. the plan calls for a reduction in the federal work force through attrition and a pay freeze for members of congress. sponsors of the bill say it would delay sequestration for one year and achieve $85 billion in savings while congress works on a long-term deficit reduction plan. that move counters the president's call for a shorter term fix. >> this is a way of doing it without cutting defense is, without cutting domestics, and without raising taxes. >> the warehouse says the gop plan is
not affect the eventual confirmation. >> i think this is a broader question for the obama administration. this is something they will have to struggle with. >> brennan also based plenty of questions about his previous work with the state, including the agency wrote harsh interrogation -- with the cia, including the agency felt harsh interrogation techniques. wbal tv-11 news. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> at chilly day across the mid- atlantic and here in maryland. the cloud cover keeping temperatures below normal. actually start to the morning. the record high -- only 64. one of the coolest record highs we have on the books for baltimore. 64 is not that warm, but it is the warmest it has ever been on this day, back in 19 04. rain across the carolina's. rain and snow in the midwest. both of those expected to combine into one powerful east coast storm. where the two systems come together, that is for the hardest hit areas will be, and that is expected to be off the coast of new jersey, new york, and boston and down east main. we will
of faith will be discussed in d.c.. the event will provide a venue for president barack obama to deliver his first remarks about america's religious community. >>> well, someone is waking up a lot richer than they were before they went to bed. the powerball numbers were drawn last night. for a jackpot of $270 million. before taxes. we know those winning numbers came out of virginia. but we don't know the name of the person who was the winner on possible -- or possibly it was a group of people that are going to be spreading out the winnings. >> lucky. lucky. >> i think the take home was like $130 million. >> that's what i read. >> i could probably do all right on that. >> i would figure out something to do about it that's for sure. >>> this is the week the super bowl bets are being settled across the country and basically other countries as well. >> two anchors in canada made a friendly wager on who would win the american version obviously football. the super bowl. they had to pay for the -- loser had to pay in messy way. i have no ideas about that. but take a look. >> here we go. are you
. the man convicted was found guilty in 2010 of killing chandra levy. >>> president barack obama will address faith based groups today. the president is scheduled to speak at the national prayer breakfast. the event is sponsored by the evangelical fellowship foundation and it provides a venue for the president to talk to religious leaders since announcing his support of gay marriage. >>> time now for five things to know on this thursday morning. someone is $270 million richer this morning. the powerball numbers were drawn last night and we know that the wink ticket was bought in virginia but we don't know the name of the person or the group of people that won. >>> the iron is out and the cat is in. hasbro has unveiled the newest monopoly token. the company launched a contest to replace one of the classic tokens with one of the new tokens. the iron got the boot. the cat now coming in. >>> and today top cops will reveal some of the new trends in awe toe theft. students from -- auto theft. students from towson university will receive some scholarship money for a psa they had about p
remember, one of president obama's promises during the health care debate was everybody would have affordable health insurance. according to the congressional buet office not so fast, mrpresident. with more on this, republican senator mightily of utah. we just had to call you when we saw these numbers from the cbo on obamacare because they are shocking. obamacare will cost over 1 trillion over the next year, the next ten years, and harry reid told us it would not add to the deficit. the president even tried to call our fears about the increased cost saying that, you know, really the spending will be under control. we will cut our cost. what happened? >> well, it did not pan out that way which is one of the things that happens when we pass a really big deal, a couple of thousand pages long without giving people adequate opportunity to review it and figure out what the implications will be. so we are adding over a trillion to the debt of the next ten years. he will also be adding, according to this report, 12 million new beneficiaries to medicaid. this is a problem. gerri: right. it
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)